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Previous Personal Projects

Metal Baby - 2019 Global GameJam

This is a game I made in a team of 3 for the Global Game Jam in 2019. It’s a game about raising your robot baby. Make sure they don’t starve, die of boredom or get too dirty! I made all of the art including the character and environment using 3ds Max and Substance Painter. I then rendered them in Marmoset Toolbag to use as pre-rendered backgrounds. You can play Metal Baby here:



Blast Panic - 2013 Graduation Project

As part of my graduation project, in a three-person team over three months in 2013, we created a shoot-em-up called “Blast Panic” in the style of the arcade classic, “Twinkle Star Sprites.” Our game is a versus shoot-em-up. I was in charge of art and marketing. All art was made using Flash, and then arranged in Photoshop. Please have a look at the trailer here:

卒業制作で、私は3人のチームで"Blast Panic"というSTGを作成しました。2013年に三か月でティンクルスタースプライツをモチーフにして対戦シューティングゲームを作成しております。私はアートとマーケティングを担当しました。トレーラーはこちらにご覧ください。